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Custom Toolbars in AcceliCAD

Custom toolbars are a great way for AcceliCAD users to provide all the design and drawing tools they use most often in a single toolbar or toolbar suite. You can turn off default toolbars that contain tools you never use and regain valuable screen area. Custom toolbars are are portable and easy to share between computers and a great to standardize your design and drawing environment.

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Dimensions In IntelliCAD

Dimensions are fundamental components of most engineering drawings, but the challenge of wrestling with 59 dimension variables is often daunting.  Here we provide a couple of simple techniques to keep you on track.

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Viewport Layer Control

If you are working with viewports, it is particularly useful to be able to control layer visibility, veiwport by viewport. IntelliCAD has a viewport-specific control over layer visibility.

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History of IntelliCAD

Originally code-named “Phoenix” the IntelliCAD project came to life when Visio Corporation acquired certain assets of Boomerang Technology Inc., a privately held developer of Autodesk AutoCAD-compatible software, located in San Diego, CA.

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IntelliCAD made a considerable impression when initially released by the Visio Corporation.  IntelliCAD 98 was designed to be completely interchangeable with AutoCAD R14.  Visio’s IntelliCAD 2000 was available for free if you knew where to look and were satisfied with what it has to deliver. Free IntelliCAD is still available if you know where to look.

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