The recent Recent Delcam webinar series  on inspection technology has been posted to Youtube for online viewing or download. The webinars include a general introductory video explaining why measurement is critical to manufacturing efficiency, together with more specific videos on laser scanning, retrofitting and shop-floor inspection.

The introductory webinar, which was presented in partnership with Coventry University’s Metrology Department, explains why measurement matters to the future of manufacturing. It looks at sources of uncertainty in making measurements, including equipment, people and environment, and then considers how to minimise these problems to achieve better throughput.



The webinar on laser scanning shows how to use the PowerINSPECT inspection software on a range of hardware devices, including FARO and ROMER portable CMMs, and how to extract geometric features from the resulting point-cloud data. Advice is given on how to choose and use the best approach, either laser scanning or probing, to measure different types of geometry.


Delcam partnered with Pantec Metrology to present the webinar on retrofitting. This presentation focuses on how retrofitting can make CMMs more efficient and the other benefits that can be realised. The presentation includes a case study showing how upgrading from manual to CNC operation could improve throughput and quality, plus a demonstration of the CNC version of PowerINSPECT.


The webinar on shop-floor inspection offers a variety of tips and tricks for people using PowerINSPECT with portable measuring devices. It includes two demonstrations, one showing the inspection of a machined casting and the second giving an example of dual-device inspection with PowerINSPECT.

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