Part of the consumer attraction of 3D printers for armchair inventors is the ability to turn wild ideas and possibilities into reality quickly and cheaply. Objects that would have required considerable external help to materialise can be done in the comfort of you own man/lady cave without the inevitable advice of the experts that what you are trying to make won’t work. Who wants to hear that? Not us that’s for sure.

Using this furniture joint as a typical example. A simple object born out of a need and a sudden brainwave most likely. Easy enough to make and capable of creating a new style of furniture and mode of construction. Is it great furniture? Does it have commercial value? Who knows. What is certain is that an idea that 5 years ago might not have seen reality can now be prototyped and tested in use, manufactured if required and made available for anyone else to manufacture on demand.

ollé gellért wants to draw attention to the importance of changing our thinking as to how we build furniture with the help of 3D printers, which in turn, would stop our epidemic addiction to ikea catalogues. No need for glue or screws during the design and construct your own furniture with 3D printed joints

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