The relevant Dimension variables.  Supplementary information to Architectural Dimension Styles

Note 1

Since our ‘arrow’ block is not an arrow and is symetrical we don’t really need two ‘ends’, and could set it in DIMBLK and set DIMSAH=Off.  But IntelliCAD’s Dimension Setting Dialog assumes use of two blocks.

Note 2

DIMDLE lets us make the dimension line overshoot the extension line which is what we want with a tick.  But this facility is disabled when DIMTSZ is set to 0, and we have to set DIMTSZ=0 because we are providing our own tick block.  We have to do that because it’s the only way to provide the short extension line we want.  You could try setting DIMTSZ=3 and DIMDLE=2 and creating the ARCDIM1.DWG block to have only the mini extension line without any dimension line part or tick.

Note 3

DIMSE1 and DIMSE2 turn off the extension lines entirely.  We can’t control their length from the dimension line (which is what we would want), only the gap from the reference point (DIMEXO) and the overshoot of the dim-line (DIMEXE).  Hence we have to provide a short extension-line in our ‘arrow’ block and turn off the system’s extension lines.

Note 4

Items marked ‘ignored’ are not relevant for this architectural style but the values shown are appropriate for other metric dimensions.

Variable Default Comments
DIMASO On Associative dimensions enabled
DIMASZ 2.0000 Arrow size factor, or dimblk size factor
DIMBLK “” Could put ARCDIM1 here in Acad but don’t in Icad.
DIMBLK1 “ARCDIM1” 1st arrow block name if used (Note 1)
DIMBLK2 “ARCDIM1” Other end block name
DIMCEN 3.0000 Size of radius centre marks
DIMCLRD 0 Dim-lines color (0=bylayer)
DIMCLRE 0 Exten-lines color
DIMCLRT 5 Dimen text colour (5=blue; optional)
DIMDLE 0.0000 Dim-line extension size (Note 2)
DIMDLI 5.0000 Dim-line Increment between stacked dims
DIMEXE 2.0000 Exten-line extension size (ignored)
DIMEXO 2.0000 Exten-line offset from ref point (ignored)
DIMLFAC 1.0000 Linear calculation factor
DIMLIM Off Limits notation off
DIMPOST “” Don’t put any text after value
DIMSAH On Enable 2 separate arrow blocks (Note 1)
DIMSCALE 1.0000 Overall plot scale for dimension size
DIMSE1 Off Suppress 1st exten-line (Note 3)
DIMSE2 Off Suppress 2nd exten-line (Note 3)
DIMSTYLE “ARCHIDIMS” Name of this dimension style
DIMTAD 1 Text Above Dim-line
DIMTIH Off Text Inside exten-lines not forced horizontal
DIMTIX On Always put value between exten-lines regardless
DIMTOFL On Always draw dim-line between extensions
DIMTOH Off Text Outside exten-lines not forced horizontal
DIMTOL Off Don’t show tolerances
DIMTSZ 0.0000 Tick Size. 0=Don’t draw a tick (Note 2)
DIMTVP 0.0000 Altern to using DIMTAD
DIMTXSTY “STANDARD” Dimension text style
DIMTXT 3.0000 Dimension text height