SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – July 15, 1999 — 3DPowerTools, Inc. announces the upcoming release of 3DPowerTools, an AutoCAD 2000 ObjectARX plug-in. 3DPowerTools unleashes the latent capabilities of AutoCAD 2000’s new 3D graphics system with a full suite of editing tools.

Features such as intuitive object manipulation, powerful solid and surface editing and interactive shaded dragging revolutionize 3D modeling in AutoCAD.   Real-time shaded feedback, simple three-dimensional point entry and general productivity tools such as Transparent Orbit make 3D editing convenient, fast and accurate.

“Historically, people have looked down on AutoCAD as a modeling platform,” states Jon Tyson, President and co-founder of 3DPowerTools, Inc.   “Now, with the combination of 3DPowerTools and AutoCAD 2000’s new 3D graphics system, users can perform modeling in an intuitive and interactive fashion, increasing productivity dramatically.”  Tyson continues, “The investment in 3DPowerTools will be repaid in its first few weeks of use.”

Beginning September 1999, customers will be able to purchase an electronic license or a physical copy of the software online or by phone.  A fully functional, 15 day trial version can be downloaded from the 3DPowerTools website ( at that time as well.

3DPowerTools, Inc. was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing high-quality modeling solutions for AutoCAD.  Jon Tyson, President and co-founder of 3DPowerTools, Inc., led the development team that implemented the new 3D graphics system in AutoCAD 2000 and Mechanical Desktop 4.0. Tyson also implemented a significant portion of the 2D graphics system introduced with AutoCAD R14.

For more information, call 1-877-281-3000 (toll-free) or visit the website at