Rapidograph Technical Pen (3 X 0) .25mm 3165

By on November 2, 2015

Rapidograph Technical Pen 3165 (3 X 0) .25mm

Rapidograph Technical Pen 3165 (3 X 0) .25mm Rating:
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Product Description

Available with stainless steel drawing points in dual-designated line widths, refillable see-through ink cartridge that can be used on drafting film, vellum, or tracing paper


  • Legendary pen handles like a pencil, moving in all directions without snagging or digging into the drawing surface
  • Extremely versatile to achieve precise lines with an engraver's perfection, loose sketching style or a finely detailed pointillist technique
  • Airtight double-seal cap keeps the stainless steel nib from drying out
  • Refillable ink reservoir and a color-coded cap and replaceable point
  • Made in USA

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Old School Drafting Rapidograph Technical Pen 3165 (3 X 0) .25mm $24.86

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