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Product Description

Autodesk Maya LT 2015

Autodesk Maya LT

Autodesk Maya LT 2015 is a cost-effective 3D animation and modeling software built for professional indie game makers. Features are designed to make each step of the 3D creative process faster for experienced 3D artists and easier to learn for new users. With tools for 3D modeling, UV mapping, texture creation, skin binding, and viewport navigation, Maya LT 2015 makes it easier for indie game makers to spend less time focusing on their tool and more time creating fun games.

System Requirements


  • Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 and Windows 8 Professional operating system

  • Apple Mac OS X 10.8.4 and 1.9.x operating system


  • 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor

  • Refer to the recommended hardware wizard for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards

  • 4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)

  • 4GB of free disk space for install

  • Three-button mouse

Web Browser

Autodesk recommends the latest version of the following web browsers for access to online supplemental content:

  • Apple Safari

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Mozilla Firefox

Features and Benefits

Cloud Integration
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Cloud Integration

Maya LT 2015 now helps users share their 3D game content through cloud platforms to help them work more efficiently with team members. Artists can browse and open files in certain cloud services directly through the Maya LT interface, making importing 3D assets easier. When using Dropbox or Autodesk 360, users can open, modify, and save their files back to the cloud. Maya LT also lets users open files created and saved in the Autodesk 123D cloud storage service so that real-world items captured in 123D Catch or characters made in 123D Creature can be used as a starting point to make final game assets in Maya LT.

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UV Editing Tool: Unfold3D

The powerful UV creation tool, Unfold3D, is now integrated into Maya LT 2015. Using Unfold3D in Maya LT lets artists create UV maps from their 3D models quickly and easily. Users are able to unfold their 3D objects by defining their own UV seams using intuitive selection tools within the viewport. Efficient UV unfolding algorithms allow artists to see the results quickly and make adjustments faster. Color-coded or checkerboard visual feedback systems give artists easy-to-read visual feedback that highlights problem areas on the UV map, helping even novice 3D modelers to create optimal UV maps to make creating textures easier.

Substance Material Integration
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Substance Material Integration

Maya LT 2015 lets users apply materials created in the Allegorithmic Substance Designer procedural texture creation tool. Once the materials are applied to a 3D model, artists can adjust parameters of the material and see the results applied to the model in real-time. The Maya LT viewport displays the Substance materials as they will appear in supported engines, helping artists make artistic decisions based on accurate previews. New users can use included sample materials as a starting point to learn and experiment with editing materials.

Skin Binding Technology
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Skin Binding Technology

Maya LT 2015 introduces an innovative method for binding 3D model geometry to joint skeletons. The process, called Geodesic Voxel Binding, helps artists bind geometry to skeletons much faster than previous methods, often with just a few clicks. The skin binding tool can handle highly complex or less-than-perfect geometry, with even overlapping or non-watertight meshes requiring far less cleanup than traditional methods. The compute process is fast and the resulting skin weights are compatible with existing skinning methods in Maya LT.

Walk Tool

The new Walk Tool in Maya LT makes it easier for artists to move the perspective camera within the viewport while working on assets. The Walk Tool lets artists use the mouse and WASD keys to move through their scene, just like in a first person perspective game.

Open Subdiv Library

When working with subdivision surfaces on 3D models in Maya LT 2015, artists can now take advantage of the OpenSubdiv libraries open-sourced by Pixar. The technology is designed to take advantage of both parallel CPU and GPU architectures, resulting in faster draw performance. Working with control cages to modify and deform subdivision surfaces now shows updates in the Maya LT Viewport 2.0 much faster, giving artists a more WYSIWYG-like experience for faster artistic iteration.

Texture Deformer

The texture deformation tool enables displacing model geometry based on user-defined textures. Artists can deform their geometry by painting a texture map that assigns height values, which displaces the model mesh.

MEL Scripting

Maya LT 2015 includes support for Maya Embedded Language (MEL) scripting. MEL is a scripting language within Maya LT that helps users simplify repetitive or complex tasks and facilitates sharing workflows with team members. Using the built-in Script Editor, users do not need to spend time manually writing their script. While using tools in Maya LT the Script Editor displays the corresponding commands in MEL script, which can be customized to achieve a specific, repeatable result by the artist. To make scripts easier to use in an everyday workflow, they can be saved and turned into customized parts of the Maya LT UI through Shelf buttons, Hotkeys, or Marking Menus.

Send to Unity Workflow

Unity developers can now benefit from an improved workflow between Maya LT and Unity. When creating 3D assets for a Unity game, artists can export the asset from Maya LT directly into the asset folder of their Unity project, simplifying the export process. Assets exported using this method then appear within the target Unity project.

Uncapped Polygon Export to Unity

When using the Send to Unity export workflow, Maya LT now enables asset export with unlimited polygon count. Artists can send higher resolution models and larger environments from Maya LT directly to their Unity project.

Increased Polygon Count for Export

Maya LT now enables export of the selected models or the entire scene up to 65,000 polygons in the FBX or OBJ formats. Artists can now export models and environments for use in a larger number of game engines.

HumanIK and IK Handle Animation

Maya LT 2015 improves the workflow for animating characters with Maya LT 2014. The new IK handle and Pole Vector constraint allow you to create IK on a bone structure. Mirroring of the HumanIK skeletal rig helps provide a faster way to build a symmetric human skeleton. The new animation re-targeting tool lets animators create an animation on one character and then re-purpose that animation for another character skeleton with different proportions, making it much faster to animate and transfer information between characters.

Retopology Toolset

The NEX modeling technology has been extended to offer a streamlined workflow for retopologizing meshes; the Quad Draw tool now has a new Relax and Tweak feature with Soft Selection and a new interactive Edge Extend tool. Artists can now optimize their meshes for cleaner deformations and better performance using a single toolset within Maya LT.

Better Booleans

Maya LT now includes a robust and efficient new library for faster and more reliable Boolean operations on polygon geometry. The new technology has been tested and optimized on a number of complex, high-resolution datasets and delivers dependable results on open surfaces.

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