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CoCreate Expands Partner Program

Collaborative Software Pioneer Enlisting Business Partners to Expand Market Presence


FORT COLLINS, Colo., and SINDELFINGEN, Germany - September 3, 2002 - CoCreate Software, the leading provider of collaborative product design solutions, today announced it is actively enlisting new business partners to complement the company's direct sales force worldwide.

"With this expansion, we plan to build on our significant joint success in Europe and Asia Pacific," said Warren Liu, vice president of business development at CoCreate. "Through our great partnerships in those regions, we've brought CoCreate's unique collaborative design solutions to top-tier companies, such as Canon, Matsushita and Bang & Olufsen.

CoCreate produces CAD and Collaboration software to help companies design products, share ideas and manage data. OneSpace Designer CAD products include 2D drafting and 3D modeling tools as well as a range of data management products. The 3D CAD modeler is based on a unique technology called Dynamic Modeling that provides freedom, ease-of-use and speed in engineering design not offered elsewhere. OneSpace Collaboration products let people interactively share documents, 2D drawings and 3D designs online - regardless of what tools were used to create them.

CoCreate is also looking to add channel partners who have experience selling products outside the traditional CAD market. "Since collaborative product design involves more than just CAD expertise, we're looking to add partners who are interested in expanding their business beyond the mechanical engineering domain to include all aspects of product design and innovation." says Liu.

Resellers accepted into the program will have knowledge of the mechanical design marketplace, experience working with companies that have distributed design teams, provide a quality sales and marketing force, offer a breadth of technical services and bring a track record of delivering solid results. Special consideration will be given to resellers with experience selling PTC, SolidWorks and SDRC products.

About CoCreate 

Since its inception in 1984, a singular vision - "Innovation through Shared Minds* " - has propelled CoCreate to its position as a leading provider of collaborative product design solutions that allow companies worldwide to design better products faster. CoCreate's OneSpace Solution Suite is an integrated component of an organization's Collaborative Product Commerce (CPC) infrastructure that complements existing data and process technologies. The OneSpace Solution Suite provides a powerful, collaborative product design environment that fosters innovation and communication across the extended development team. This environment empowers people with various interests and talents to join together to explore ideas, to make more rapid and better decisions, leading to superior products and faster time to market.



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