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Boeing Purchases FiberSIM

Software simulates and analyzes producibility of composite parts and shares data with other engineering and manufacturing applications


WALTHAM, Mass., February 25, 2002-VISTAGY, Inc., today announced the purchase of FiberSIM 3.4 by The Boeing Company. The Commercial Airplanes business unit, Wichita Division, will use the software in manufacturing advanced-composite nacelles, or engine cowlings, for the 700-series aircraft.

The FiberSIM suite of tools is integrated into popular CAD systems to create a specialized environment for designing, analyzing, and manufacturing parts made of advanced composite materials. The software helps engineers improve performance and reduce the cost to design and manufacture composite components.

This purchase of FiberSIM marks the first use of the software by Boeing in the design of large nacelle structures for commercial aircraft. Boeing has previously used the product on military and space projects including the F-22, and F-18 aircraft; V-22 and Apache rotorcraft; and the Delta Series rocket.


VISTAGY, Inc., founded in 1991 as Composite Design Technologies, Inc., develops software that integrates sophisticated tools for engineers into popular CAD systems. Customers for VISTAGY software include more than 100 companies worldwide in the aerospace, high-performance automotive, sporting goods, medical equipment, airline, and marine industries. VISTAGY empowers engineers with software that increases productivity, improves communication, and enables manufacturing organizations to make more-informed decisions. The company offers training and consulting to engineering organizations that wish to integrate their design and manufacturing tools. For more information, contact VISTAGY in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, at +1.781.290.0506 x 300



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