LISP Library

LISP (Lost In Stupid Parentheses) is a programming language made popular in engineering disciplines through its inclusion in AutoCAD as AutoLISP.  AutoLISP is a hybrid sub/super-set of Common LISP and in its inclusion in AutoCAD provided a means for all users to very quickly and efficiently automate drawing, design and even housekeeping tasks.  It also provided a means for users to include commands in AutoCAD that Autodesk left out.

IntelliCAD also supports LISP and in most cases, anything written in AutoLISP will also work in IntelliCAD.  Other CAD programs supporting LISP include FelixCAD and TurboCAD.

This resource is a free version of DBM’s long standing ‘AutoLISP Library” that has been available online since 1990.  Most (but not all) files available in the AutoLISP Library are now available here.  This library is under constant maintenance.  We still have mountains of LISP that requires cataloguing and documenting and this will be done on an ongoing basis.

Code is provided “as-is” for purposes of instruction and utility and may be used by anyone for any purpose entirely at their own risk.  Some materials provided here are shareware, some are provided under conditions stated within the archives of LISP files themselves.

Please respect the intellectual rights of others.  All material provided here is unsupported and without warranty of any kind.  No responsibility will be taken for any direct or indirect consequences resulting from or associated with the use of this code.

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