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For a very long time (since 1990) has made available a large library of files for AutoCAD users. These files are mainly AutoLISP utilities but there are many others including utilities for AutoCAD LT and various DWG files. These utilities that were once cleverly crafted add-ons programmed by enthusiastic and capable CAD users. Many of these files are very old. In quite a few cases they are no longer relevant to the AutoCAD conversation. Many (but not all), are now standard features of AutoCAD and most other CAD programs too. Yet demand for these files has never ceased and remains high even in July 2015.

Many people download the files as a an aid to learning AutoLISP. This programmable interface for AutoCAD still hold provides many a great way to automate many repetitive design and drafting tasks and. For many people using a found routine as is can be a great solution. Something that works close to what you want can often be modified ever so slightly and very easily. This bypasses the the time and effort required to develop a routine from scratch. So old routines still have a lot of life and are still saving AutoCAD users a great deal of precious time.

The LISP Library is online again

CAD File Downloads

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Code is provided “as-is” for purposes of instruction and utility and may be used by anyone for any purpose entirely at their own risk. Some materials provided here are shareware, some are provided under conditions stated within the archives of LISP files themselves.

Please respect the intellectual rights of others. All material provided here is unsupported and without warranty of any kind. No responsibility will be taken for any direct or indirect consequences resulting from or associated with the use of this code.

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