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Tower Tools Seals Boeing Success

Tower Tools has recently completed its largest project with its Delcam manufacturing software, the tooling for the cargo-door seal for the freight version of the Boeing 777.  The seal measures three by three metres square, and has a small and variable cross-section.  Like many of the company’s projects, the moulds and the associated checking fixture were supplied to Meggitt Polymers and Composites.

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Delcam CADCAM Helps LSNW to Conquer Aerospace Complexity

Delcam’s CADCAM software has given aerospace subcontractor LSNW Ltd (Lofting Services North West) the tools needed to specialise in the machining of challenging materials and complex shapes.  Director Richard Fielding claimed that his company had “no interest” in simple high-volume jobs, preferring to take on more demanding work that other subcontractors would struggle to complete.

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ELDEC’s Competitive Edge

ELDEC Corporation (Lynnwood, WA) designs and manufactures electronic sensors and systems for the demanding environment found in aerospace and defense applications.  Its products are in use on all major U.S. and European aircraft.

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Building The World’s Largest Passenger Aircraft Wings

Employing more than 150,000 people and exporting around 60% of its output, the UK’s aerospace industry is the second largest in the world and is responsible for 9.5% of the UK’s total research and development (2001). In 2001, the national turnover was over £18bn and, in terms of value added business, it is second only to the United States. A recent DTI study highlighted aerospace as the UK’s most globally competitive industry – a key measure of its global success being its penetration of the US market. For instance, 60% of all the US’s aerospace subsystems imports are British. It is a high-skills industry, with wages 20% higher than the manufacturing average. With total world-class capabilities, strength in manufacture and research, and initiatives to maintain and improve its competitive edge, aerospace is a key sector in the UK economy and a major player in the global market.

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