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Smart Start

Denver-based architectural firm Fentress Bradburn has initiated an enterprise-wide roll-out of WorkPlace System Solutions’ ProjectWise technology.

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Using AutoCAD or IntelliCAD for Quantity Surveying

Since building details can often be supplied to quantity surveyors in the form of DWG format CAD data, it is very useful for the quantity surveyor to be able to extract measurement data directly from the CAD data, rather than the traditional manual methods of extraction off paper drawings.

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Capturing a City on Computer

Throughout the centuries Jerusalem has meant many things to many people.  And perhaps for that reason, throughout those centuries it was besieged and conquered by the armies of many nations.  Nevertheless, these conquests were always temporary.

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On Autodesk, ADT and Revit

It came as little surprise to hear that Autodesk were buying up Revit.  At least, I had expected that they might like to do so, but I thought it unlikely such an offer would receive a warm response due to Revit being partly owned by Autodesk’s arch-rival, Dassault Systèmes of France, producers of the mighty CATIA and owners of SolidWorks and now also of the ACIS solid modelling kernel.

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