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Withstanding The Elements With FEA

Anchor Industries, Inc. of Evansville, Indiana has produced tents and other lightweight, portable buildings and structures for over a century. Anchor first established its reputation with riverboat, carnival and circus tents and is now a leading supplier of tents and fabric products to the outdoor amusement and entertainment industries.

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Smart Start

Denver-based architectural firm Fentress Bradburn has initiated an enterprise-wide roll-out of WorkPlace System Solutions’ ProjectWise technology.

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Denver International Airport

Inspired by the majestic Rocky Mountains, the terrain and Colorado’s own sense of destiny, Denver’s International Airport is designed to be a memorable expression of civic pride and sense of place.

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Using AutoCAD or IntelliCAD for Quantity Surveying

Since building details can often be supplied to quantity surveyors in the form of DWG format CAD data, it is very useful for the quantity surveyor to be able to extract measurement data directly from the CAD data, rather than the traditional manual methods of extraction off paper drawings.

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