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ReallyMake seeks to connect 3D printer buyers and sellers through 3D pottery app

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A few weeks ago, we brought you news of the brilliant and versatile ReallyMake 3D printing pottery app. The virtual clay shaping tool, currently exclusive to the Android platform, allows potential porcelain-pushers to create a virtual piece of pottery by spinning, moulding and painting an on-screen vessel or work of art. But the story doesn’t end there: when users have completed a design, they can use the ReallyMake app to find a nearby 3D printing hub or custom pottery shop which will bring t…

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German RepRap releases 3rd gen X400 PRO industrial 3D printer

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Munich-based industrial 3D printer manufacturer German RepRap has today made available the third generation of its large format, industrial FFF 3D printing machine, the X400. With several notable upgrades from new low-wear aluminum parts to a DD3 dual printer head, the X400 PRO V3 promises improved printing results and greater process safety for industries in need of high-quality, large format prototypes, concepts, or demo models. As with any good re-design, the German company took an honest l…

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3D Printing: The Next Technology Gold Rush

This book concentrates on three main areas.

1. Easy to read, yet detailed explanations of all the 3D printing related technologies currently available
2. Practical advice on how this technology can be leveraged as a successful business in today’s economy.
3. The wider long-term repercussions, including real world examples of how 3D printing is set to change the future of industry.

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