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Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide

Get the strategies you need for successful CAD management in this one-of-a-kind resource. You’ll learn basics such as how to assign tasks, set budgets, and formulate ROI-and gradually delve into more complex issues such as managing intellectual property, selling ideas to management and end users, and configuring for specific engineering environments. This indispensable resource is packed with savvy insights, practical techniques, and real-world advice to broaden your technical, business, and management skills.

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Dealing with Drawings in Old Setup Standards

Re-using as-built cad drawings, or cad drawings supplied by manufacturers and external designers can be a real source of frustration. You want to re-use the graphical geometry so you don’t have to redraw it. But the CAD properties don’t conform with what you are used to or need in your field of practice. This makes these drawings excruciatingly slow to work with, your production tools can’t be used on them, and there will be a frequency of errors on the printout such that you are tempted to make quick fixes. That leaves us with problem drawings forever.

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A Standard Word Processor Format at last! …Now how about for CAD?

With the wide interest in the OpenDWG Alliance and the work of the IAI and STEP, many users continue to bemoan the lack of adequate standards for text documents.  Although the wide adoption of Microsoft Office has brought a degree of standardisation to document exchange in business, but it is a pseudo-standard rather akin to the ‘de-facto’ CAD standard being claimed for Autodesk’s proprietary DWG file format.


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Understanding CAD Standards

One of the best ways to ensure the productivity of your CAD department is to create and work to a set of CAD standards.  Doing so will bring new employees up to speed faster, speed projects to completion with greater accuracy, and facilitate more effective data exchange with clients and collaborating firms.

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CAD & TrueType Fonts

Now that AutoCAD is Windows-only and drawing text can be rendered with TrueType fonts, there is a strong case to abandon the old SHX-based font system.  It never delivered good quality text quality and is really just a legacy of DOS-based CAD and now-ancient pen plotter technology.

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