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SolidWorks 2006 is a solid modeling program that goes beyond 3D capabilities. Since its initial release over a decade ago, it has transformed the way its users create, express, and document a design. But with so many functions to remember, it can be hard to design an image exactly the way you want it to look. "SolidWorks 2006 For Dummies" shows you how easy it is to create precision 3D drawings and utilize its other functions. This straightforward, plain-English guide provides all you need to know to take advantage of SolidWorks 2006's cool functions and controls. You'll discover how to: create sound, robust 2D sketches; examine design intent; design and model a part and the virtual prototype; design drawings using basic controls; create drawings automatically; edit your design's visual properties, dimensions, and features; maintain old drawing files; print and plot your designs; improve your project by working with others; and, extend and reuse your design information.The bonus CD-ROM features product demonstrations that show you how to use key parts of the program, examples of various add-on products that can help you get the most from SolidWorks, and case studies that show how other companies in different industries work with SolidWorks. Packed with tips and tricks on becoming more proficient with this program, as well as resources for further referencing and inspiration, "SolidWorks 2006 For Dummies" is the ultimate guide that will get you familiar with the program and start building!


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