has recently launched a new website,, presenting CAD videos to complement our existing CAD/CAM websites.

The new website displays a curated selection of videos covering a range of CAD-related products and situations;

  • Product introductions
  • Feature demonstrations
  • Tutorials
  • Opinions and advice
  • How-to perform specific functions

Videos provide a powerful means of learning about products and processes very quickly, benefitting from the experience of the presenters and video creators. They provide an opportunity to learn about the capabilities of particular software tools, how others use them and how design problems can be solved using the tools at hand.

Beginners and experienced CAD users can benefit tremendously taking in a few well-chosen videos – even it just to get a different aspect on tasks they believe they have mastered already. categorises videos primarily by software name, with a few generic categories listed for non-product-specific information. Further free form categorisation is managed through post tags to produce appropriate results for any search.

As always comments and suggestions about how our services can be improved are welcome. Please submit through the Contact page.