Author: Geoffrey Harrod

More About Blocks

IntelliCAD Explorer looks and operates much like the Windows Explorer, but it is geared to showing and manipulating the components inside drawing files and setting their properties.  Drawing components include Layers, Linetypes, Styles, Coordinate Systems, Views, Blocks, Dimension Styles.

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Block Basics

A frequent need in CAD is to use a set of pre-drawn symbols, such as schematic symbols in electronics or piping.  Some CAD products have special provision for symbol libraries and provide a system for selecting items from the libraries by picking from illustrations of the items.  Usually the sets of symbols are stored in some special file format as a library, and there may be separate libraries for various fields of work.

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Externally Referenced Drawings (Xrefs)

Using blocks to build a convenient component library reduce the drawing overhead associated with repetitive drawing geometry.  Now we look at the benefits of using external reference files and discuss appropriate ways of introducing them into your drawing practise.

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